Archiway is a reputable architectural practice based in Faerie Glen, Pretoria and Olivedale, Johannesburg.  The firm has been involved in various high-profile development projects creating customized and innovative architectural design solutions.  In depth knowledge and expertise of architecture and project management as well as professionalism has assisted the firm to supply clients with service excellence.


Archiway Architects started its dynamic architectural path in 2001 and has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from upmarket houses to offices, dealerships and retail. The main focus is on excellent design, meeting the clients brief and budget up until the project is handed over to the client. Both partners are hands on and involved in each project. Each project is assessed and designed specifically for its user and in accordance with the clients brief.


Archiway is registered with the South African Council for Architects and all senior staff are voluntary members of the South African Institute of Architects, and Proud members of The Green Building Council of South Africa.


 Archiway specialises in the design and project management of:


Residential Developments;

Retail Properties;

Office Space;

Motor Dealerships;

Industrial Offices.

Our Practice​

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Mireille Koster

Profession:       Architect

Qualifications: Architecture

Membership in Professional Societies;  

Member of the South African Council for the Architectural Profession: 

Member of the Gauteng Institute of Architecture;


Mireille Koster is a professional architect with 20 years’ experience in architectural design and project management. Mrs Koster studied at the Technical University of Delft, in the Netherlands, Europe, where after she relocated to South Africa. She has since been involved in various high-profile projects throughout the country and has gained experience in working with various levels of government as well as the private sector



And Team

Our People​

Archiway provides broad based expertise in the fields of:


Architectural Design;

Project Management;

Interior Architecture;

Architectural Drafting;

Buying Assistance;

Turn Key Solutions;

Sourcing Contractors;

Green Building Design;

Our Fields of Expertise​

architectural services​

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

An architect has the ability to interpret the client’s requirements and advise on creative solutions to create the best design within budget constraints and advise on material use. Our designers use their amazing creative skills, imagination and artistic talent to create unique designs

Project Management

Project Management

Our project management team is geared to plan and organise a variety of projects to ensure the construction phase runs smoothly. They will meet with various parties involved in the project to ensure information is issued timeously and the project is completed within given time limits and budget

Interior Design

Interior Design

Our interior designers use a combination of creative skills, green building concepts and knowledge about materials to create comfortable and pleasing interior spaces from private homes to corporate office spaces and retail outlets

Architectural Draughting

Architectural Draughting

The Archiway drafting team is dedicated to providing excellent drawings and details reflecting the design prepared by our architects. They have excellent knowledge of construction details, timelines and spaces to ensure working drawings are clear and easy to understand

Interior Advisors

Interior Advisors

At Archiway Architects we feel that it is crucial that the best quality for the best price is found for our clients, we will assist with the buying of finishing products.

Turn Key Solutions

Turn Key Solutions

To allow for a hassle-free construction process we offer an all in one solution wherein we provide all services from design, to construction, to interior design and buying of furniture if required.

Sourcing Contractors

Sourcing Contractors

Archiway Architects Pretoria will source the best contactors suitable for a specific project to ensure the best result within budget constraints.

Our Processes

What we do involves a lot of in-depth planning and organising of different trades. We have developed a rigid process of managing all of these aspects, to make sure the execution of a project runs smoothly, and the check and balances are in place that ensure quality is kept high.​

Professional Memberships

Green Building Design

Green Building Design

Our green consultant is able to advise on energy efficiency, solar solutions and a lot more. Archiway Architects offers an additional service to any client to incorporate green design principles from an early design stage ensuring the best solutions.

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