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Latest trends in office interior design​

 It is always difficult to predict the latest trends in any design related industry but with “Millennials” entering the job market, combined with “Generation X” this makes for an interesting time in office design and development.  Gone are the days of cellular offices and even the open plan design is on its way out. Open plan design was supposed to be the way to go but it allows for very little privacy or creativity. Open plan works well for collaboration but can also be extremely distracting for some.As an employer the challenge is to create an office environment which allows for more creativity and healthy living. What is needed is a flexible work environment which allows for open plan spaces for creative projects and team tasks and private work spaces where the employee can concentrate on individual tasks. With an experienced Interior Architect and Space Planner the perfect combination of open plan spaces and cellular offices can be achieved, depending on the type of business and business culture.  Flexibility allows for optimum creative thinking within an office environment. So the design of the office space is extremely important and should be adaptable to forever changing trends and demands. It directly impacts our ability to work and to be at our most productive, attentive and creative every day.  So apart from creating a “cool” look the following trends should be considered healthy and have more physical exercise, therefore we need to create an environment in which people move around, even the sit – stand desk is a great way of moving whilst being at work. Biopillical designThe use of foliage and greenery is a major trend for next year as it softens the work place and adds colour and interestHome style comfort designUse of soft couches, chairs, homestyle kitchens and bistro or café type settings are the trend. But as trends change all the time, make sure you create a work space that works for your industry, business type and culture and get advice from an experienced interior Architect – Contact Archiway Architects for a FREE first consultation  086 111 3396   

The importance of tenant coordination​

The tenant coordinator has the daunting and very difficult task of communicating between the architect, the landlord, the tenant and the local municipality.

Why do you need an occupation certificate

An occupation certificate is a legal document certifying that your are allowed to occupy your property.

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Quality Workmanship

Pretoria is easily one of Gauteng’s and South Africa’s most popular residential and commercial areas, with millions of people living and working in the surrounding areas. There are many vacant plots of land in both the residential and commercial areas which are quickly being snapped up by investors, homeowners and businesses alike. Once you’ve procured your desired plot of land, you will need to turn to a team of qualified architects who will in turn design your building. This piece will take a look at why you or your business should enlist the services of Archiway for your next building project. Sound architectural designWith years of industry experience in Pretoria and beyond, our team of architects can create beautiful designs to suit the needs and budgets of just about any client / project profile. From compact townhouses and small office buildings to sprawling villas and massive car dealerships – our team has done it all. We make use of the latest 3D software in order to create flawless buildings tailor-made to suit both you and your business’ unique needs and requirements. Outstanding project management Project management is probably one of the most important aspects of building design, construction and architecture in Pretoria. A sound project management team will be able to conceptualise, plan for and execute a task within the primary constraints – time, quality and most importantly budget. Our team can manage projects efficiently and effectively, giving you the peace of mind and reliability you seek. Beautiful interior design Archiway’s team of designers have been involved in some of the most creative and beautifully developed projects in Pretoria. We can, for instance, harness and maximise the interior spaces of your building and tailor your design to complement your project objectives. Contact the team at today to find out more on how you can benefit from our outstanding range of services in Pretoria. These include architectural design, project management, interior design, procurement, sourcing contractors, green building designs, turnkey solutions and architectural drafting​

Landscape Architects

Key Responsibilities of a Landscape Architect

As the name implies, a landscape architect is responsible for designing outdoor spaces such as parks, gardens and monuments. These professionals often have to work with contractors, builders as well as other architects in order to successfully complete a project.


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