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Stage 6 (3%)


Close Out


Fulfil and complete the project close-out including necessary documentation to facilitate effective completion, handover and operation of the project.

We hand over all necessary documentation once the building is complete.


Typical deliverables include:


• Valuations for payment certificates

• Works and final completion lists

• Operations and maintenance manuals, guarantees and warranties

• As-built drawings and documentation

• Final accounts

Stage 5 (27%)




We get involved in the actual building of the project and will liaise with the contractor regarding program, quality and make sure the contractor builds in accordance with the plans. We manage the contracts, processes, procedures and documentation to facilitate practical completion.


Typical deliverables include:

 • Schedules of predicted cash flow;

• Construction documentation;

• Drawing register;

• Estimates for proposed variations;

• Contract instructions;

• Financial control reports;

• Valuations for payment certificates;

• Progressive and draft final accounts;

• Practical completion and defects list 

Stage 4.2 (15%)


Construction documentation 


Further details are prepared for the contractor to build off and we prepare procurement and construction documentation, confirm and implement the procurement strategies and procedures for effective and timeous procurement of necessary resources for execution of the project.


Typical deliverables include:


• Co-ordinate technical documentation with the consultants and complete primary co-ordination

• Prepare specifications for the works

• Review the costing and programme with the consultants

• Obtain the client’s authority and submit documents for approval

Stage 4.1 (20%)


Documentation for local authority submission 


We prepare all necessary documentation for the plans to be submitted to the local municipality, coordinate technical documentation with consultants and complete primary coordination


Typical deliverables include:


• Design development drawings.

• Outline specifications.

• Local and other authority submission drawings and reports.

• Detailed estimates of construction costs.

Stage 3 (15%)


Design Development 


Once the basic design is there we start with actual working drawings for the contractor to build off.


Develop the approved concept to finalise the design, outline specifications, cost plan, financial viability and programme for the project)


Typical deliverables include:


• Design development drawings.

• Outline specifications.

• Local and other authority submission drawings and reports.

• Detailed estimates of construction costs.

Stage 2 (15%)


Concept and Viability


In this stage we prepare sketches for the client to evaluate and we come up with the basic design.


Prepare and finalise the project concept in accordance with the brief, including project scope, scale, character, form and function, plus preliminary programme and viability of the project


Typical deliverables include:


• Concept design.

• Schedule of required surveys, tests and other investigations and related reports.

• Process design.

• Preliminary design.

• Cost estimates as required.

Stage 1 (5%)




This is the first meeting we have with the client to determine a brief and give advice on possible solutions and options. It is important to have your SG diagram, zoning certificate, title deeds, home owners guidelines and previously approved plans if it is a renovation. We establish client requirements and preferences, assess needs and options, and establish the project objectives, priorities, constraints, assumptions aspirations and strategies.


 Typical deliverables include:

 • Agreed scope of services and scope of work.

• Signed agreement.

• Report on project. Site and functional requirements Schedule of required surveys, tests, analyses, site and other investigations.

• Schedule of consents and approvals.

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