Some of the key responsibilities of a Landscape Architect​

Landscape Architects

As the name implies, a landscape architect is responsible for designing outdoor spaces such as parks, gardens and monuments. These professionals often have to work with contractors, builders as well as other architects in order to successfully complete a project. Properly designing an outside space is essential as it helps complement nearby or adjacent buildings on the same plot of land.


This piece will take a closer look at some of the key responsibilities of these architects.

Landscape architect – working together with other industry professionals

Most people have an idea in their head about what landscape architects do, however, many don’t seem to realise how many industry professionals they need to work with to effectively complete a job. Many of these professionals work collaboratively or under the umbrella of an architecture firm. They have to work closely with contractors and builders in order to ensure that every part of the design is implemented properly, with minimal adverse influence on the natural environment too.


After being contacted by a client, the ‘landscape artist’ will need to start working on the design of the outside area. This is typically done on specialised computer software that has been designed specifically with industry professionals in mind. Just about all  of the top architects of this type include future time projections in their work. This allows clients to see what the space is likely to look like in five, 10 or 15 years’ time. This is essential as it can take quite some time for plants and trees to properly establish themselves 


The implementation phase comes after the design process has been completed. During this time, the landscape architect essentially becomes a project manager. There will be a contractor on board to oversee all of the physical work while the architect oversees that all changes are made correctly and effectively, solving any problems that possibly occur.


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