Why do you need an  occupation certificate 

What is an occupation certificate and why do you need it

An occupation certificate is a legal document certifying that your are allowed to occupy your property. It is the owners responsibility to obtain such a certificate from the local authorities with the assistance of the architect if asked to do so. Before the commencement of the construction of your property, residential or commercial, you are obliged to submit building plans of such construction, renovations, additions or new build, to the relevant local authorities for approval. Only once you have received approval of such plans are you allowed to start building. The approval period varies per municipality and can take up to 6-12 months depending on the complexity of the construction. Once you have completed your construction you are required to handover a set of documents and have an inspection done by the building inspector for your area. The documents required are, copies of approved building plans, electrical compliance certificate, fire clearance (for commercial properties only), engineers certificate for roof, concrete slabs and foundation and any other structural elements, Architects SANS 10400 compliance certificate, glazing certificate including glass balustrades, plumbing certificate, including solar geysers or heat pump installations and gas certificate. Once the building inspector has completed the inspection and you have submitted all the requested documents, the occupation certificate will be issued. Without this certificate you are legally not allowed to occupy your building.​

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