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architecturally designed pre drawn plans

Building your dream house should be an exciting project but for most it is a daunting task. Once you have found and bought your piece of land, you must look for an Architect, but you are working on a tight budget. The search for the best architect for you has started and is a long and sometimes stressful process. Once you have identified 2 or 3 Architectural firms you contact them for quotations which all seem to be slightly different, as the one includes council submission and a structural engineer service and the other includes full working drawings and site supervision.

Before you know it, you have spent weeks on getting quotes and visiting various Architects. This seems to be a very long and complicated process, so we at Archiway Architects have started something new, we are now selling architecturally designed pre drawn plans in various styles and sizes online. It is as easy as searching your preferred architectural style from Bali to modern contemporary on the platform, choose the size house you are looking for, click on it, pay for it and your plans will be delivered to your door, almost ready for submission to your local municipality.

To be able to submit plans to your local municipality you will have to send us your site description so we can get your SG diagram and place the house on the stand. Once this is done the Architect can sign the plans and have them couriered to you ready for submission to your local authority. Part of your submission pack you will need a few more documents which are indicated on our website, or phone us on 086 111 3396 for more information.

As added services we can also assist with a structural engineer for sign of to your municipality or a bill of quantities which can be used to order materials for the house. No more worries about unexpected extras and not knowing what the house will look like.

Over and above this great convenient way of shopping for house plans, we can assist with furniture, interior design, landscaping, plants for the garden, curtains, kitchen layouts and light fittings. For our one stop Architect shop visit

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