The importance of tenant coordination​

Once the shopping center has been designed, all shops are let, plans have been approved and earthworks have started, the project is going ahead and the hard work is about to begin.

Apart from the architectural design, the structural engineers expertise and all other consultants input the next most important task will be ‘tenant coordination’.


The tenant coordinator has the daunting and very difficult task of communicating between the architect, the landlord, the tenant and the local municipality. It is a true art to be able to navigate through leases, tenant specifications, signage requirements and drawings without promising too much to the smaller tenant or being bullied into overspending by the nationals. The tenant specification is often outdated or does not correspond with drawings or even worse is not relevant for the center being built. The trick is to make sure all information is available at the right time so that the shop can be handed over at the agreed BO date. From plugpoints to floorfinishes to the design of the shopfront and back door details it must all be coordinated and designed.


Failing to do so can create chaos and be the reason for a shopping center or office opening date to be delayed. It is important to have the right partner to take on this crucial task, it can make or break the development.


Archiway Architects specializes in tenant coordination and has proper system in place and experience in reading tenant specifications together with drawings. 

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